The Weekend Away by Sarah Alderson – Book Review

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I practically read this whole book on Saturday. I got a bit behind reading it via The Pigeonhole app, so to catch up I had a huge reading session. It made my evening as *The Weekend Away by Sarah Alderson was unputdownable!!

The Weekend Away by Sarah Alderson

Book Description

Two friends go on holiday. Only one comes back.

Orla and Kate have been best friends forever. Together they’ve faced it all – be it Orla’s struggles as a new mother or Kate’s messy divorce. And whatever else happens in their lives, they can always look forward to their annual weekend away.

This year, they’re off to Lisbon: the perfect flat, the perfect view, the perfect itinerary. And what better way to kick things off in style than with the perfect night out?

But when Orla wakes up the next morning, Kate is gone. Brushed off by the police and with only a fuzzy memory of the night’s events, Orla is her friend’s only hope. As she frantically retraces their steps, Orla makes a series of shattering discoveries that threaten everything she holds dear. Because while Lisbon holds the secret of what happened that night, the truth may lie closer to home…

My Thoughts

So many twists and turns, suspects, it’s hard to know where to start! The Weekend Away will take you on a thrilling ride through Lisbon. Mainly told through the eyes of Orla, you will be with her each step of the way as she tries to find out what happened to her best friend Kate. Orla finds it hard to know where to start as the police are of no help. She has no recollection of that night. But she strikes up a friendly relationship with the Uber driver from that fateful night. But why is he so eager to help her? All is not what it seems.

The Weekend Away, is a perfect read, for crime/thriller fans. Lots of secrets, lies, and doubts, do you really know your loved ones? Are they really capable of this? You will be hooked on this one for sure and I highly recommend you get stuck in.

Just to add, I wanted to scream at the cliffhanger ending! A great way to leave readers hooked wanting more. I love that in a book.

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