Found Her by NJ Mackay – Book Review

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My latest read was a slightly disturbing read, *Found Her by NJ Mackay. It was again a first look novel via The Pigeonhole app, just like my last book review. I would like to say a quick thanks to Pigeonhole and the author NJ Mackay for giving me the chance to read and review Found Her.

Found Her by NJ Mackay - book review

Book Description

Belle Moriarty was there one moment and gone the next. Ten years ago, she disappeared walking home from school, under the supervision of her older sister Eve.

Eve has never recovered from the guilt of turning her back.

But then she receives a phone call that changes everything. Belle has been found – alive.

But who took her? Why did they keep her alive all these years? And now that Belle has escaped, will they try to silence her for good?

With Belle in a coma and Eve receiving increasingly terrifying threats, she must discover the kidnapper’s identity before they return to finish what they started…

What I Thought

I’m a huge fan of CL Taylor books so I knew Found Her by MJ Mackay would be right up my street. The dark moody cover sets the precedence for a gripping psychological thriller.

You are literally hooked from the first page on this one, right to the very last. There are loads of twists and turns. You will be kept guessing right until the last moment. I thought I had figured it out about 3/4 the way in, but I was wrong!

The characters are well thought out. I will admit I didn’t like Eve’s character at all. She had troubles before her sister went missing, and then they seemed to have got worse. Eve notably finds it hard to trust people and she uses them to her means. Having a lead character that isn’t very likable makes a great book for sure!

I don’t want to spoil it too much for you, but there is a couple of moments with the dogs in the story, that made me feel quite sick. But I can understand why the author included those parts, and after all it’s not real and Found Her is a story.

It does make you realise that our childhood experiences and how we are brought up, affects our adult life. As shown by many of the characters in Found Her.

Thanks again The Pigeonhole and NJ Mackay for the chance to read. Totally deserves a 5-star rating from me.

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