About Me

Hello, welcome to Home In The Pastures, I’m Rachel Bustin and love anything about home interiors and the outdoors. Growing up as a farmer’s daughter on a smallholding in Cornwall, farmhouse country style has always been my thing.

I started blogging and writing back in 2015, with my family lifestyle blog Rachel Bustin. Now recently having set up Socially Rach a social media service and blogging tips, as well I’ve left full-time employment to try and “make it” freelance.

So what is the point of this blog?

Well, I want to share with you tips on home living, interior design inspiration that is achievable in your home and garden help topics. Things that I’ve learned in making a home with two young children, so you can go away feeling inspired.

My background

Now in my mid 30’s I’ve embarked on a freelance career on a path I’d never imagine I’d be on my wildest dreams. It’s my passion and my life. I’ve never been so happy creating, and writing content for all to read.

I started at 15 as a Saturday girl in a clothes shop and stayed there through college. After I completed my A-Levels, in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics I got a place at uni in Bristol to study Forensic Science. I decided uni wasn’t for me, so I got a job, and bought a car.

A few years down the line I met Mr B, we saved up to buy a house and got married. I then started blogging, had my two daughters and here I am today. Enjoying life as a freelancer, spending time with my girls and carving myself a career in the freelance digital world. By the sea in Cornwall of course.

me by the sea, Cornwall

If you want to get in touch please email me at rachel@homeinthepastures.com

Thank you for sharing