Travelling Home For Christmas By Train Through The UK

With Christmas less than 12 weeks away, I’ve been giving my sister the hurry up for arranging her travel home. She will need to take the train from London down to Cornwall just before Christmas. She really enjoys travelling home for Christmas by train through the UK as you can see a lot of the countryside. Plus it’s a great alternative to flying as trains can emit up to 90 percent less CO2 per journey!  Over the course of this post, I will be sharing tips for safe travelling on trains to get you home safe and sound to your loved ones. 

Travelling Home For Christmas By Train Through The UK

My sister’s journey starts in Vancouver and she flies to Heathrow, London. By this point she is suffering from jetlag so wants a smooth journey home to Cornwall. Her option is always to go by train so she can relax on the way down.

Of course, she has at times considered taking an internal flight to Newquay airport and having a great travel planning and booking app available like Omio she can consider all options. It’s really easy to book and arrange your journey online through Omio as it will compare trains, coaches and flights all in one search. Saving you vital time and money. I want to point out to you that the app keeps you up to date with live train updates and it will show your mobile ticket when you need it.

It really pays to plan ahead when you are travelling during the holiday season. A lot of the rail networks release their advance seats in October for Christmas, so to get the cheapest train tickets get checking now before they go up.

Trains are normally busy at Christmas time with everyone wanting to get to their families. But this year, they predict it’s going to be even worse than normal due to the fact that there will be less train tickets available to keep everyone safe. There are some trains that only do seat reservations to make sure that you are socially distanced on trains. London North Eastern Railway is one.


Remember to wear a face-covering at all times at the stations and on board the trains, unless you are medically exempt. When arriving at the station, please give yourself plenty of time to get to your platform and board your train. There will most likely be one way systems in place which may be different to your usual route around the station.

Walk outside the train to your carriage instead of walking inside through the aisles. If you can get a window seat to keep as far away as you can from the aisle. 

Will you be travelling by train this Christmas? If so, have you thought about planning your journey yet? Don’t forget to download the Omino.

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