Simple Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Autumn/Winter

The nights are drawing in, and it’s time to put summer clothes away and dust off those cosy knits and big coats. With the leaves changing colour and temperatures starting to tumble, now is the time to get your home ready for autumn/winter. If you’re looking for inspiration for a mini autumn makeover, here are some simple, budget-friendly solutions.

cozy living room with fire place

Experiment with autumnal colours

Painting the walls is one of the simplest and most effective and affordable ways to transform the aesthetic of any room. This is a DIY job you can do yourself, and it’ll have instant impact. In the spring and summer months, when it’s light and bright outside, we tend to gravitate towards neutral shades and crisp white tones. When it gets colder outside, and nights in become the new norm, it’s a great idea to experiment with different colours and embrace warmer tones that create that cosy feel. If you have small rooms, or you’re reluctant to go all-out with bold shades, you can create a statement wall with wallpaper or a flash of colour or use accessories and soft furnishings to introduce new tones. Think about the style or theme of the room, the size, the amount of natural light and the function of the room before you decide on a shade. In tranquil areas, such as the bedrooms, it’s wise to opt for soothing colours that promote relaxation and serenity. In kitchens and living rooms, you can afford to be more daring. For a feature wall, it’s an excellent idea to browse wallpaper styles and look at paint charts. You could lift plain white, beige or light grey walls with patterned paper around the fireplace or a rich burgundy or bottle green wall. To enhance the aesthetic and turn heads, add framed prints or a mirror. 

Simple Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Autumn/Winter - textures and colours

Add texture

When it’s raining cats and dogs, or it’s pitch black at five o’clock in the afternoon, there’s nothing better than curling up on a comfy sofa or huddling around the fire and watching TV, reading or listening to music. Texture plays a key role in enhancing the aesthetic of the room, but it’s also an important factor in setting the right tone and adding ambience. With autumn in full swing and winter on the horizon, swap lightweight fabrics for heavier materials, layering and mixing and matching fabrics to add warmth. Replace linen and cotton cushion covers and jute and bamboo floor coverings with woollen cushions, faux fur throws and high pile rugs. For inspiration, take a look at sites like Richard Haworth and consider the theme or style you want to channel. For understated, Scandi cool, mix faux fur and wool throws, cushions and blankets, layer on sofas and chairs and keep the colour palette simple. Monochrome is ideally suited to laid-back interior design. Maintain a lived-in look by draping blankets over beds and scattering cushions. For a more opulent, boutique hotel vibe, you can opt for velvet cushions, bedspreads and curtains in jewel tones. Finish the look with gold accessories. 

Lower the lights

In summer, most of us are keen to maximise natural light and flood our homes with light from dusk until dawn. When it’s cold outside, it’s tempting to hibernate and to embrace the cosiness of dark afternoons and lazy, drizzly weekends. To create a homely, warm, soothing atmosphere which is perfect for movie nights, board game marathons and Sunday roasts with the family, lower the lights. Instead of turning on all the lights and using strip or spotlights, turn the main lights off and opt for soft lighting. You can use wall lights or lamps to provide just enough light to be able to see comfortably, and then add a romantic feel with candles or string lights. Match the style of your lamps and lights to the theme of the room. For vintage style living rooms, for example, you could replace ceiling strip lights with an ornate chandelier. For a contemporary, cosy bedroom, opt for an understated pendant with a dimmer switch or use fairy lights to create  a whimsical look. 

snuggly bedroom with blankets and string lights

Autumn is upon us, and before we know it, we’ll be counting down the days until Christmas dinner and the start of winter. As temperatures start to fall, there’s no better excuse to treat your home to a mini makeover and embrace seasonal trends. To achieve that cosy feel and get your home ready for cooler climes, experiment with autumnal colours and shades, soften the lighting and add texture with soft furnishings and indulgent, heavy-duty fabrics. 

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