Places Worth Visiting In The UK

With international travel off the cards for quite some time now, it does not mean you can’t enjoy a trip away somewhere nice. There are lots of amazing places worth visiting in the UK, so let’s take a look at some suggestions:

Places Worth Visiting In The UK

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Alderney is the perfect place for those of you who want a relaxing stay in one of the few places with an unspoiled environment still about today. Everything about the area alludes to peace and tranquillity, making it the best place to wind down and let go of all your worries. 

The island is a small and stunning place that is secluded despite being so close to France and Guernsey. There a variation of beautiful hotels available to stay in whilst visiting Alderney. I would recommend the four-star hotel; Braye Beach Hotel. It is a luxurious hotel and is located right on the gorgeous golden sands of Alderney beach. If you crave spectacular views whilst on vacation then you will love this hotel. It also boasts a fantastic restaurant and a private cinema only for its residents. 

Alderney is the perfect place to go fishing, whether you are an experienced angler or you have never been fishing before in your life. Being an island you can imagine the array of waters surrounding the area; from rocky territories to calm and cool warm waves, there is something for all. Don’t forget your sunglasses, as it is beautiful here when the weather is warm. You can check out to see the options available. Corblets Quarry is one of the best spots for fishing as it is sheltered and it is extremely cheap. So make sure you have your car hire sorted to ensure you can drive down to Corblets Quarry and do a bit of fishing. 

You can also go on a search for a Blonde Hedgehog. Alderney is one of the only places that pay home to the very rare hedgehog which actually became extent on the island in the early ninetieth century. However, there are now said to be at least one thousand of the intriguing animals on the island. 

If you want a place to relax you will surely consider Alderney as paradise, harmony is guaranteed. 

Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is the perfect place to visit for all. It has a wealth of history and gorgeous unspoiled scenery that will impress all. There are lots of things to see and do in the location so let’s get to it…

There are masses of stunning parks and beaches on the Isle of Wight which will provide you with the ideal place to relax and enjoy a picnic. If you want a peaceful place with tranquillity and harmony then one of these natural and gorgeous areas will be perfect for you. 

Isle of Wight

There are also a lot of events that go on in the Isle of Wight so if you manage to be there during one of the fantastic occasions then make sure you join in on the fun. These include:


Bestival usually takes place at the beginning of September and is a fantastic weekend of quirky music. The popular and award visiting festival sees people visiting the island merely to go to the music and fun-filled weekend.

Ryde Illuminated Carnival: 

This usually takes place in September as well and is a sparkling and dazzling illuminated journey through the town that features about two thousand participants and over two thousand spectators. You will literally have never seen anything like it and it is a clear signal of the amazing community spirit on the island. 

Isle of Wight Grand National & Ashley Scurry:

This usually takes place at the end of March and is an amateur horse racing event. So if you love the sport or you just love the atmosphere entailed with it then you’ll love the Grand National. 

Isle of Wight Festival:

This takes place in June and is another massive music festival which has seen the likes of David Bowie and Kaiser Chiefs headline the show.


The quaint market town of Bridgwater boasts a beautiful canal that is perfect for taking a walk along the green banks or relaxing on a peaceful boat tour and taking in all the scenery the place has to offer. If you are looking for a place of harmony or somewhere to sit and relax this is the perfect setting. The town really is a beautiful place, but with great attractions not so far away there is more to do than merely take in the scenery. 

Whilst on your visit it is vital that you have a car hire, as there is a lot to see and do but you need to drive to get there. One of these places is Muchelney Abbey. Muchelney was once a prestigious Benedictine house and it has a lot to offer those who visit it. Whilst visiting make sure you do not miss the thatched monks’ lavatory, which is the only complete one in the whole of England. Also, make sure you see the miniature Tudor house which boasts stunning architecture.

Another place well worth a visit is the Animal Farm Adventure Park. The farm is situated on over twenty acres of gorgeous green land. The scenery and the views on offer are simply outstanding. The farm is home to many animals, such as; llamas, Shetland ponies, ferrets, rare sheep, and reptiles. The site offers free parking and ticket prices are fairly reasonable. Plus, Animal Farm Adventure Park does offer discounts to large groups and family tickets are also available in order to save you a bit of money. 

Overall Bridgwater itself offers gorgeous relaxation and serenity, the scenery and the canal are both simply stunning and it is the perfect setting if you want to relax. However, there are also attractions nearby that are full of fun and well worth the visit, from history to animal fun, there is something for all families. 


It may be called Blandford but bland is certainly not what it is. The market town is a beautiful place possessing a wealth of charm and character; it certainly has personality in abundance. There is also a lot to see and do.

Whilst visiting Blandford I would recommend staying in the Lower Bryanston Farm Bed and Breakfast. The B&B is run by a family and is very friendly, the building and its land are simply stunning. If peace, space, and comfort are what you require then you will find it in excess here. The setting is complete bliss as you are located in a lovely countryside location, however, do not worry as you are still merely only a short walk away from the town centre. 

Whilst in Blandford take a trip to Chettle House. Chettle House is an eye-catching and astonishing Queen Anne manor house. It is set in five acres of dazzling and beautiful gardens. The house personifies elegance and is simply stunning. In fact, it is such a lovely place that it has been used in various films, such as Amazing Grace.

Finally, a place not to be missed is the Priest’s House Museum. It is located approximately nine miles away from the centre of Blandford. The Priest’s House Museum itself is a townhouse dating back to the sixteenth century and it is a marvellous piece of history. You can experience the house itself and re-live what it would have been like to live there throughout the years. The museum displays many compilations of history from the local area. This includes an interactive archaeology gallery as well as reconstructions of previous local businesses in the area. 

I think it is fair to say that Blandford is certainly not bland, there is a lot to do and see and you will certainly enjoy your visit.


There are lots of fabulous attractions to visit nearby Barking. I would recommend paying a visit to the Firepower! Royal Artillery Museum, it is one of the world’s oldest military museums. In fact, it has been open as a museum to the public since 1820, which is astonishing. By visiting the mind-blowing museum you will experience the drama, the innovative weapons, and the courage of warfare. It is like you are living the moment for yourself. It is also a crucial part of the local heritage in Barking as many of the weapons on view were made in the actual Arsenal on display. Whether you are interested in war or not, I guarantee you will love this museum. You can even round your day off with a lovely meal of fish and chips from Faircross Fish Bar, the food is lovely and the place is absolutely spotlessly clean, there is even a couple of tables if you want to sit inside. However, there is nothing better than having a walk around the lovely suburban town taking in the fresh air and everything else it has to offer, fish and chips in hand. 

You are also only four miles away from the O2 which plays host to famous stars all year round, so if you are lucky enough to be visiting when your favorite comedian or musician is playing then get yourself some tickets and head down to the O2. The O2 plays host to all sorts of acts, not just music and comedy; there is even Disney on Ice and NBA Basketball. Even if you are not going to see a performance in the arena there is the Indigo club which also has musical performances throughout the year and is an extremely popular nightclub, as well as an array of gorgeous restaurants and bars. The building alone is enough to marvel over, it is contemporary and quite frankly huge!

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