Top Tips To Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Garden This Winter

A garden is a feature most homeowners don’t enjoy year-round. Once the bad weather sets in, which it inevitably does in the UK, it’s time to retreat to the comfort and warmth of the indoors. Bye, bye garden. Until the next time! The problem is, gardening is a yearly pursuit, regardless of the conditions. As long as you have the right structure and keep a few basics in mind, you can make the most out of your garden this winter.

Top Tips To Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Garden This Winter

If that sounds like something you’d like to do, please continue reading the top tips below.



Poetically, the best way to enjoy your garden in the wintertime is to reduce the amount of maintenance work. Cutting back hedges or attempting to save dying flowers will only leave you exposed to the elements, which isn’t much fun. What you need are cold-resistant plants, such as Thuja Smaragd, that can survive the falling temperatures and harsh conditions. Then, you’ll still get the incredible view you always have, only with evergreen plants that don’t require you to get wet or cold. It goes without saying, yet the best time to do it is in the autumn before the weather turns entirely!

Attract Birds

For starters, birds are pretty to look at, and listening to them sing never gets old, not when the weather is miserable and you need a bit of joy in your life! However, there is another, more strategic reason to attract birds to your winter haven – pests. Bugs and insects don’t go away in the colder season since some are more durable than you’d imagine. From slugs to snails, they’ll gladly destroy everything you’ve created, which is why a bird feeder is essential as common guests feed on pests. Plus, a snowy nest or feeder looks pretty magical!

Create An Outdoor-Indoor Area

There’s no getting around the fact that it will be cold and damp outside. Therefore, you must install protective measures to ensure spending time in the garden is fun and not a chore. A shelter is the first port of call as you’ll require a place to stand or sit out of the rain. A heater is a must-have, too, since there are only so many jumpers and jackets you can wear to keep warm! Once the practical stuff is taken care of, it’s onto the cosmetic stuff, such as comfy furniture and a BBQ. That way, you’ll have an exterior that makes it worth leaving the house!

Host Events

Hosting an event, depending on where you live, isn’t a piece of cake due to Covid-19. Hopefully, you’re in tier 1 and can still invite six guests around without fear of a fine. If you can, you should because there’s no point in curating a winter garden and failing to use it properly. A winter grilling session is unusual yet isn’t a dud as long as you cook heart-warming dishes, supply drinks, and play music. Everyone will have a great time, as will you!

Do you get enough use out of your garden in the wintertime?

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