Why Are We Collectively Obsessed With Tinkering With Our Homes?

If you think about it, you probably have at least one friend who is utterly obsessed with tinkering with their home. But what causes this type of behaviour? Why are we all perennially unhappy with the way that our homes look? What’s wrong with just leaving them as they are? 

Why Are We Collectively Obsessed With Tinkering With Our Homes

In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons why some people just can’t stop tinkering, no matter how hard they try. 

We Crave Status

People very rarely move into a house that offers them the status they crave immediately. Usually, it takes several years of hard work to get a property up to the desired standard. What’s more, our desire for status makes achieving this goal even hard. We want our properties to put our best foot forward. And that means continually ratcheting up their features. 

We all know what this feels like on a personal level. How many of us have wished that we had a balcony or a spiral staircase in our property. Suddenly we find out that there are better ways to live, and we feel like we’re missing out. 

We Need More Space

Why are conservatory companies doing such great business at the moment? Primarily it comes down to people’s need for more space. 

House sizes in the UK are increasing, but they’re still much smaller than many places in North America and Europe. The average abode is annoyingly cramped, making it hard to stuff all your possessions into it. Cupboards are overflowing, and wardrobes are never large enough. 

This reality pushes many people to become more obsessed with their properties. They think about all the ways they could improve their interiors and make them more commodious. We’ve seen all kinds of innovations in this area, from cupboards that surround doorways to underfloor boxes. 

We Want To Live Somewhere That Reflect Who We Are

Can you honestly say that you’re the same person you were ten or twenty years ago? Almost certainly not. We all change radically throughout our lives, and that has an impact on the environments in which we live. 

If you’re the sort of person who gets an urge to change the wallpaper every couple of years, don’t be surprised. We all want to live in properties that reflect our character and tastes. But if that changes consistently, then so too does the need to adjust our properties. 

Remember, most people want an abode that reflects who they are and their interests. If they change, so too will the house eventually, reflecting their preferences. 

We Want Something To Do

Tinkering with the house can also be a lot of fun, especially since so many of us are unable to conduct our lives normally, thanks to the lockdown. Put simply, we’re at a bit of a loose end, and messing around with our properties is a great way to fill the time. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting something to do, so long as you direct your efforts positively. It can be a lot of fun renovating a room or sorting your landscaping.

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