5 Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating

I’m sure you have heard stories throughout most of the year of people updating their kitchens during lockdown. Well, it’s pretty easy to do yourself if you have some free time on your hands and don’t have the budget for a complete remodel. I’ve put a quick guide together on 5 easy ways to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. If you get started now you can have it done in a few weeks!

5 Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen Without Renovating


One of the easiest jobs you can do in the kitchen with no qualifications is to repaint. Repainting the walls will give the room a new lease of life, you can go bold if you wish! Another painting job is to paint the kitchen cabinets. A subtle grey would look good. By giving the units a couple of coats you can majorly change the look and style of your kitchen and bring it up to date. Tip – choose a wall colour that compliments the cabinet colour.

Include under-cabinet lighting

Choosing this type of lighting is not only a great safety feature (in that you will be able to see what you are chopping on the worktop and not hiding the light with your back!) but it will give the kitchen ambiance a boost. Light Supplier has some great lighting ideas for your under-cabinet lighting, which can be on the surface, recessed, round, triangle, or flat panel.

under cabinet lighting in the kitchen

Add shelving

If you have a spare wall in your kitchen, a great idea to make it more homely is to put up open shelving. A space to put all your cookbooks and crockery on show. Add a plant or two for an updated stylish cottage kitchen look.

Change the cabinet fittings

A quick and easy way to update your kitchen is to change all the kitchen cabinet fittings. Automatically your tired kitchen will look fresh and new. You can get some beautiful brass fittings for your doorknobs and drawers or opt for stylish black.

Change the cabinet fittings


The last area I’m going to touch on is the countertops. These can be very expensive to replace, especially if you go for top end marble or granite tops. But you can get away with replacing a section that may be tired and worn by placing a granite/wood slab on top to use as a cutting board. It’s a great fix until one day you can afford to replace the whole countertop. However if you really need to replace it, there are plenty of imitation laminate countertops with many different patterns to look like wood or marble in design.

So there you have my 5 easy ways to update your kitchen and bring it into the now. Are there are changes you want to make to your kitchen?

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