Four Focal Points For Your Living Room (That Aren’t The TV)

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with TV. Indeed, during this second lockdown, snuggling up with a cuppa and a good show has been a real lifesaver. However, there are more exciting and attractive things to focus your living area around than the gogglebox. Just keep reading to find out the focal points for your living room.

Four Focal Points For Your Living Room (That Aren't The TV)


One of the most obvious focal points for your living room is the fireplace. You don’t even need to have a real fire for this to work. Instead, it is the proportion of the fireplace and mantlepiece that works well here. Although a real fire can be truly wonderful in the winter!

Of course, if you have a fireplace without a fire, it’s best to put something in that space. The good news is that pretty much anything decorative from a vase with dried flowers to a small sculpture piece. You can even get an eclectic look by grouping smaller pieces for a texture and interest. 

You can even use light to create a more dynamic focal point around your fireplace. For example, an empty fireplace with a hurricane lamp filled with white fairy lights can be an excellent focus for a room. 


Next, if you want to steer the focal point of your living room away from the TV, hanging some art is an excellent option. Indeed, pieces like these original artworks make a perfect choice. After all, not only are they colourful and exciting, but you know that no one else will have work that is the same as the one you own – something that can really help to make your home unique. 

Size and proportion are also critical when it comes to using artworks as focal points in a room. In particular, go for larger bolder pieces, as they are more likely to draw the eye, and so look best when the room is arranged around them. 

Large pieces of furniture 

Few people realise that you can successfully use items of furniture as a focal point in your living space. Of course, it has to be the right kind, as a random chair or small table just won’t cut it. Instead, in a similar way to the art pieces above, playing with size and proportion is vital, and that makes large, oversized pieces the best choice. 

Also, a TV cabinet can work well here. The reason being that it will hide the TV when not in use, and provide the proportions necessary to draw focus. 


Mirrors are always a smart decorative item to have in a room. One of the reasons for this is that because they reflect light, they can make a space seem much larger than it actually is. Additionally, mirrors also make excellent focal points, especially when combined with other features, such as when they are placed on top of a mantlepiece. 

For maximum impact choosing a mirror with a highly ornate frame will work the best. Although you can create an excellent contrast and attractive focal point by choosing a larger mirror with a simple frame as well. 

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