Top Ideas To Make Your Garden Your Favourite Place To Be

A well-designed garden can be an extra room for the house, giving you more space and somewhere to spend time in the great outdoors. If you make the right choices for your garden, you can use it all year round. Here are a few ideas to make your garden your favourite place to be. 

Top Ideas To Make Your Garden Your Favourite Place To Be

Match Your Planting To Your Ability

If you’re not naturally green-fingered, then you shouldn’t try and plant up your garden with plants that need a lot of expert care. If your garden is too hard to look after, then you’re going to find your garden a source of stress instead of relaxation. Instead, be honest with yourself about your gardening skill, and choose plants that fit your ability. If you really want a more complicated garden, then you might need to hire a gardener to help you to keep it looking good. 

Treat Yourself

If you want to really love your garden, why not add something special like a hot tub. Hot tubs are a real touch of luxury, that will add something extra to your garden. You won’t be able to help but love your garden if you can relax in it in your hot tub in the evening, with a glass of wine. 

If you don’t like the idea of a hot tub, what special something would you like? Perhaps you’ve always loved the idea of a summer house with an office or a bar in it. Maybe you want a pool. Depending on your space and budget, choose something that will make you excited to use when you’re in the garden. 


If you design it right, your garden can give you more space to entertain in. What kind of entertaining do you like to do? If you like dinner parties, put a table and chairs on your deck and patio for people to sit at. A pergola provides shelter, or you could invest in a heat lamp to keep guests warm in the evening. Add a barbecue and you have the perfect place to host people for dinner in the summer. 

If you’re more of a drinks party person, stick to outdoor sofas. A fire pit or a table with a built-in ice bucket makes a good centrepiece. If you have the space, an outdoor bar is a fun touch. Decorate with outdoor-safe fairy lights, and you can fill the garden with friends for drinks, and have a great space to entertain. 

Your garden should be a place that adds to your home. Make sure you’ve designed a garden that you can care for, so you can keep enjoying it. Make your garden a space that you can use to relax, entertain, and enjoy yourself in the fresh air. The furniture, plants, lighting, and extra details that you use will all add to the atmosphere in your outdoor space. Whether you want a space for barbecuing, or somewhere to soak in the hot tub, make your garden for you. 

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