What Do You Need To Know About Pigeon Birth Control?


Pigeons usually are the kind of species that love an environment containing food and water. Even though it is good to have an environment that has different species as part of society, however, it sometimes becomes irritating for the residents, and they think about getting rid of them. Now, the birth control for pigeons seems to be a challenging task for the residents.  

People are trying to find out ways to ensure the birth control of the pigeon population in household rooftops and industrial areas. The pigeons are one of the biggest reasons behind the health hazard and inconvenience within the residents. Regardless of the mess, the birth control of pigeons remains an utmost priority within the countries.

What do you need to know about pigeon birth control

Some countries have decided to use different repellents to ensure the control of pigeon birth control. Some have become so irritated that they have decided to go for the ruthless means, i.e., killing the pigeons that come in their way, which is a criminal act. We recommend that the flocks and the birth control of pigeons must be conducted professionally. Killing cannot solve the problem. 

How to start a pigeon birth control program?

The pigeon birth control program is also called the Ovocontrol program. This program consists of the following steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to determine the amount of bait that you require. You do that by estimating the number of pigeons that can be found within your household. If there is a large flock of pigeons surrounding your house, you must use an effective spreadsheet to have a complete understanding of how much bait you need monthly. 
  2. Once you have estimated the number, you must determine the Automatic Feeder kits required by your location. According to the wildlife statistics, every Automatic Feeder can contain 150 pigeons and suits the elevated surface. 
  3. Once all the ingredients are at your disposal, it is time to unleash the control program. You start with conditioning the bird. The birds are conditioned with cracked corn. 
  4. Once the conditioning takes place, the birds will come to the feeder after every 24 hours. They will transition themselves from cracked corn to Ovocontrol (birth control program) consistently. 
  5. As this transition takes place, you must take the flock size into account and determine any progress. Apart from that, you can accommodate the application rate frequently and visualize the number of birds that the feeder contains. 
  6. Now, it is all about the readings. See the flock sizes and compare them to the size before you started this procedure. If there is a vast difference between the results, it means that your plan is working successfully. 
  7. Look into the EPA Approved Label and OvoControl’s User Guide for more details. You may also look into the FAQs to have a better understanding of its procedure. The execution of the task is the most important in this regard. 

How to ensure pigeon birth control residentially?

If your household rooftops are enriched with pigeons, you have a problem. The problem is not just because its dropping creates a health hazard for residents, but its cocoon becomes mentally disturbing. To ensure the control of pigeons is an even bigger challenge. If you can control the pigeons from your balcony, you can certainly do that if they appear on your rooftops. You must follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, you must ensure that you have concrete or a stainless-steel wire. This wire will ensure that the pigeons will not be able to perch on the ledges. 
  2. There is a system called “the short track” system that keeps the pigeons away. Eventually, the pigeons will move away from your household because of it. 
  3. If you have conducted roof designs, you must have used net to incorporate nooks. You can do the same regarding pigeon controlling. You can use these nets to accommodate those areas where pigeons create nests for themselves.
  4. The solar panels are incredibly fundamental regarding the provision of shelter to the pigeons. You can access the metal grid netting procedure to cut off these supply lines for the pigeons. This will have an impact mentally on the pigeons and will cause them to be vacant of the location. 
  5. If you live in a commercial area that brings its own set of challenges. You can electrify the perching areas, even though it can be dangerous to the pigeon, may even kill it. If not, you can insert spikes into those spots to fend off the pigeons. 


There is no one solution to this. However, everyone must unite on this pigeon birth control issue and fight it as one. Otherwise, there will only be more questions asked instead of answers to the previous questions.

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