5 Ways To Add Warmth To Your Garden

When the temperature starts to drop, many of us abandon our gardens for life indoors. Outdoor heating could be a simple solution to this. By investing in an outdoor heat source, you can make sitting outdoors on a cold summer’s night (or even a winter’s night) a lot more comfortable. There are lots of different forms of outdoor heating. Below are just five different types of outdoor heating and the pros and cons that come with them, so that you can determine which is the best solution for you to add warmth to your garden.

5 Ways To Add Warmth To Your Garden

Fire pits

Fire pits can help to create the warm feel and ambience of a campfire in your garden. They can be perfect for huddling around and roasting marshmallows on.

Most fire pits take the form of a metal bowl in which firewood is placed. There are many basic designs that you can buy. Alternatively, you could look into custom fabricated fire pit bowls as provided by sites like burnishedprojects.com.au for something a little stylish and unique. Fire pits can also be made of stone – these fire pits tend to be fixed, unlike metal fire pits.

Fire pits rely on firewood as a heat source and so can take a while to get started. Because they use an open flame, you need to be careful of where you place them. Fire pits are relatively cheap to buy, however you will have to regularly buy firewood for them.


Chimineas are similar to fire pits, but have chimneys on top to control the smoke and reduce heat loss. 

Most chimineas are made from clay or terracotta, although there are some made of other materials like cast iron and cast aluminium. While heavy, they can be moved around the garden.

Like fire pits, chimineas may take a while to get started. They tend to be less of a fire risk than fire pits because the fire is more controlled, plus you won’t get smoke in your face. They’re usually a little pricier than fire pits, but can burn longer – consuming less firewood as a result. 

Electric patio heaters

Electric patio heaters use electricity to provide heat as opposed to relying on an open fire.

These heaters can come in many forms. They can be freestanding, they can be attached to a wall, they can be placed on a table or they can even be hanging from overhead. Because they need to be plugged in, you’ll likely want to keep them close to the house rather than having to trail a cable to the end of the garden (they’re less portable as a result – many are designed to be fixed).

Because there is no open flame, electric patio heaters are a lot safer. You don’t have to mess around with matches and firelighters to get them started – it’s a simple case of plugging them in and flicking a switch. Many of the best electric heaters provide heat in seconds. They are of course more expensive to buy and could cause your electricity bills to spike. 

Gas patio heaters

Gas patio heaters use gas to provide heat. The most common examples use replaceable propane tanks, however it is possible to get a gas patio heater installed that runs off mains gas.

The majority of gas patio heaters are freestanding, but they can come in other forms. Propane gas patio heaters are portable, while mains gas heaters are fixed.

Like electric patio heaters, gas patio heaters provide heat instantly. They’re also very easy to use – aside from replacing propane tanks, there’s little maintenance required. While many don’t use an open flame, they shouldn’t be used in enclosed spaces. Gas patio heaters can be expensive to buy and you do need to regularly buy new propane tanks. Fixed gas patio heaters can be very expensive to install, however they’re generally cheaper in the long run as mains gas doesn’t cost as much as propane tanks. 

Heated outdoor furniture

While there aren’t many manufacturers of heated outdoor furniture, it is something that exists. For sitting outdoors on a cold evening, this could be the perfect solution for staying warm.

Many of these furniture options are electric and use plug-in electricity. You can also buy heated furniture covers, which could be placed over other non-heated furniture, possibly offering more versatility. 

Heated furniture can be expensive to buy. Heated furniture covers tend to be a little cheaper. You can compare heated seated options here at epicurious.com

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