The End of Week 1: Self-Isolation

I wasn’t sure whether to start writing a diary on my thoughts and feelings about the current Coronavirus. But I’ve decided to go ahead with it as something to look back on in years to come when hopefully we’ve all survived. Self-isolation is a new term for me!

Christ, that sounds like a dystopian novel, I’ve read a few of them in my time! The reality is only too true. Maybe we will all wake up and this is some dream. I dunno it’s seems so surreal.

The End of Week 1 - Self Isolation

Back in January, I decided to plan in a lifestyle break from my retail job. I wanted it to start the week commencing 16th March for 10 weeks. I don’t know what made me pick that date back then. But now I think was my subconscious telling me something? I could be reading too much into this. But something was pushing me to take this length of time off.

The lifestyle break was approved at the end of January. In the next few weeks, we had L’s birthday and life was carrying on as normal. Further away in China then Italy this super COVID-19 virus was weeding its way through the population killing off the elderly and weak. I’m an avid news reader so I knew of this virus, but wasn’t sure it would get to us down in Cornwall. How wrong was I? As I’m writing this at the end of the first week of self-isolation a friend of a friend’s husband has died of the Coronavirus in the local hospital 3 miles from where I am as the crow flies.

The Thursday and Friday during the last week of my work (12th and 13th March) I kept L home from preschool as she had a slight temperature and was tired. Then little Dottie got it. I was being responsible and keeping her home just in case. Her key worker at the nursery was pregnant and I didn’t want her to catch anything.

The 14th March was Mr B’s birthday. A few weeks before I booked a table at our favourite place – Chorley’s an African themed restaurant for lunch. We were the only ones in the whole restaurant for lunch. It was lovely and quiet and the food was amazing, but it felt weird being the only ones in there.

When last week began, the girls were better and L was fit enough to go back to school. But I had this feeling I didn’t want to send her. So I kept her home all week with me and little Dottie. By Wednesday/Thursday the situation in the country had worsened and schools and nurseries were ordered to close on Friday. I knew I had made the right decision to keep her at home. The thing is L’s nursery is right next to the hospital and some of the kids there are children of staff at the hospital. Can you see the chain forming? After her chest infection at Christmas needed hospital treatment, I’m scared to death of this virus getting to her.

Working in retail means I’m a key worker. I can see dad telling me now if you work in food your job is safe in a crisis. Everyone needs to eat. My late dad was a very wise man. I can’t believe he’s been gone 2 years in a couple of weeks. So me being a key worker and Mr B is a key worker in the NHS means L would have had her place at nursery. This scares the shit out of me even more – see the previous paragraph!

Anyway, here we are at the end of our first week in self-isolation. It’s Mother’s Day so I have Mum a call and we had a chat. I will miss our Monday catch-ups for a while, but I can’t risk her getting ill with her underlying medical conditions.

The last few days me and the girls are getting into some kind of routine. I still have to work on the blog, but we do things in blocks. We get up at 6:30 am (little Dottie isn’t the best sleeper!) And head down for breakfast. While the girls are eating I tidy the kitchen and get their clothes ready for the day. After breakfast, they play and watch some TV while I get my emails answered and start a new blog post. After this, we head outside to play in the garden. This is usually until lunchtime. We all love the outside so we play games kick the ball around and have a swing.

Then we come in for lunch. Inside picnic lunches are popular at the moment. By this time little Dottie is shattered and so goes down for her nap. Then me and L get her tablet out or her workbooks out to do some learning activities. I set her up with these while I crack on with more blog work. Before we know it’s the time!

So that’s our midweek plan of getting some learning done. L had been doing so well at preschool that I don’t want her to forget what she’s learned ready for school in September.

Yesterday the sun came out and as it was the weekend we got outside. Mr B cut the grass. The first cut of the year! I’m so happy as the garden looks much better now. And then we both got down and fixed the playset to the ground. We were supposed to do it last September when it got built. But the winter had been so wet it was impossible to cement it in the ground. But that was all down today.

We had our new fridge freezer on Saturday. After it was delivered. Mr B and I were scurrying around cleaning all the doors and handles where the delivery men had been. Gosh, how things have changed! Mr B put up an extra shelf in the kitchen for me, and I’ve been planning to turn my under stairs cupboard into a small pantry.

I’ve got lots of small jobs to do around the home and garden. Enough to keep us occupied for a few weeks for sure while we are in self-isolation!

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