The End of Week 2 Self-Isolation

It’s been a trying week. Week 2 self-isolation has been tough. I’ve felt tired and teasy all week. Being at home with the girls and trying to work is tough. They need my constant attention but I also have to work to buy food to feed us. My inbox has gone extremely quiet this week and it’s extremely worrying. To add to all my worries!

I can’t help but scroll through Facebook and reading the news. It’s probably damaging my mental health. One of my aims for this forthcoming week is to read and watch the news less. It’s scaring the hell out of me.

Week 2 self isolation

I worry about the life my girls are growing into. I worry about Mr B catching it. I worry about my little brother working on the frontline. I worry about my little sister, pregnant and holed up inside scared to go outside. I worry about my mum with underlying health conditions and my brother unknowingly brings it home to her. I worry about my older sister 1000’s of miles away working from home in her flat all alone.

But thank goodness Mr B is now working from home. His last day at the office was Monday. He came home with an extra monitor and set up in my office. Where I should have been working during my time off from my day job.

The girls are pretty good, L had worked so hard on learning to ride her bike and is loving it each day in the garden. Little Dottie is happy to be in her swing for an hour at a time. It’s bloody hard homeschooling L, working from home and entertaining a nearly 2 year old.

Things have changed far too much to fast this last week. I see photos online of people queued up across supermarket car parks standing 2 metres apart. Fate would have it we have bloody lovely weather at the moment. It would be an even sadder sight if it was raining.

I try very hard to plan ahead and thank goodness my head was screwed on when I booked a month’s worth of grocery home delivery slots a couple of weeks back. I’ve shopped online for years so thankfully I managed to get my time slots. I hate shopping in supermarkets. It’s so time-wasting. Now everyone is trying to order online.

I’m feeling very emotional writing this. It’s so sad to hear about the staff at our local hospital looking for places to stay as they have been told not to go home.

At 8 pm on Thursday evening we stood on our front doorstep along with the rest of our village clapping for our carers, our heroes, our frontline staff and the NHS. You are all bloody amazing!

Yesterday felt a much better day and we ended the week on a high. I cleaned out my understairs cupboard and I’ve started to turn it into a pantry. The sun was out, so we got out the table and chairs from the garage for the garden. Then we did a massive cleaning blitz of the living room.

I miss seeing my mum. It’s been two weeks now and the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing her. In a couple of weeks, it’s coming up to 2 years since dad passed away, and I can’t believe I won’t be able to see her when she needs me the most, because of this stupid virus!

This is my week 2 self-isolation diary.

You can catch up with Week 1 diary entry here.


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