Jobs In The Garden: February Gardening Tips

Have you noticed the days getting longer? I’ve noticed the evenings are getting lighter as the chicken goes to bed at dusk, but it’s been getting later each week. I’ve been having a read on February gardening tips and what you need to do to get ready for Spring.

You may have noticed snowdrops and other spring bulbs emerging from the ground. Now is the time to get the pruning done and planning for Spring around the corner. Now we have our front garden fence installed we’ve been thinking about what we can do in our front garden. Plans to be revealed later!

Jobs In The Garden: February Gardening Tips

Fruit Garden

A good place to start with the February gardening tips is the fruit garden. Growing your own food is very popular now and a great way to live sustainably. With no food miles and the pleasure of eating your own produce couldn’t be better.

  • Finish pruning the apple and pear trees.
  • Prune soft fruit bushes like gooseberries, blackcurrants, and blueberries. The best way is to end up with an open goblet shape to make the branches strong to hold the Summer fruit.
  • Plant new fruit trees and bushes
  • If you have raspberry bushes cut the old stems to the ground to encourage new stems to grow in their place. Raspberries can be picked from early Summer to Autumn.

Beds and Borders

  • Prune your Winter flowering shrubs. This will encourage lovely new growth and strong stems for next Winter’s display.
  • Use a brush or rake to your evergreen grasses to remove the dead leaves and foliage.
  • Now is the time to plant new trees and shrubs in your border to allow them to establish before Summer.
  • Bark or mulch your beds and borders to stop Spring weed growth.
Prune your Winter flowering shrubs.
Prune your Winter flowering shrubs.

Cottage Garden

  • February is a good time to plant new rose bushes.
  • Scatter or plant easy to grow hardy annuals straight into the border.
  • Don’t forget to prune your Wisteria to encourage strong flower buds.
  • Refresh your patio tubs and hanging baskets with early primroses and violas.
  • Prune summer-flowering clematis towards the end of the month, before active growth begins.

Vegetable Garden

  • Turn over vegetable beds to remove unwanted weeds and add compost/manure.
  • If you are planning on growing potatoes this year, start thinking about “chitting” your potatoes in the garage or shed. It’s easy to do. Just stand your potatoes upright in the light to encourage shoots to form.

Don’t forget to start buying your seeds and planning when to sow your flowers and vegetables.

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