Jobs In The Garden: April Gardening Tips

April is one of my favourite months in the garden, it’s also a pretty busy one. There are many April gardening tips to get yourself stuck into. With the weather warming up and Spring in full swing, everything comes alive! Yes I’m talking about the weeds!

While we are at home in lockdown it’s good for the body and mind to get out in the garden and do a few jobs. Keeping busy pottering around is one way to help not feeling lonely.

Jobs In The Garden: April Gardening Tips

Brightening up the outside space with flowers

A good place to start is on your tubs and hanging baskets. I’ve still got a few tubs to refresh and dig a few weeds out! You can pull out the old bedding plants that are not going to do much and replace the tub with fresh compost.

Fill your tubs and baskets with colourful Spring plants like these:

  • Pansies,
  • Violas,
  • Bellis,
  • Polyanthus.

We were lucky to receive a free grow your own plant from seed little pot of violas, which we have on our window sill inside at the moment. I’m hoping they will grow so we can eventually plant them in a tub outside when the weather warms up.

Get started on planting summer flowering bulbs, such as Dahlias, Lilies and Gladiolus.


Weeding deserves it’s own section. I find it quite therapeutic but it is a never ending job. Over the Easter weekend I started weeding our overgrown border. I’ve done about a third of it. So I’m getting there! Since the weather warmed up the weeds get a growth spurt! I’ve been using my garden fork to get them out the ground completely – roots and all. I don’t want them coming back. I’m waiting for things to go back to normal so I can get a huge tonne bag of topsoil for my flower bed.

Lawn care

We’ve already done our first cut of the year. The lawn looks much better, but still had a few weeds that need dealing with.

I need to buy a hoe when I can to go over the lawn. Lots of unsightly weeds have popped up through the grass. The trouble is with new build houses is that the gardens are ill prepared. We moved in before the turf was laid for the lawn and the ground was full of rubble with a thin coating of rocky soil. Not good. But I’m grateful for the large garden we have.

If you need to repair or lay a new lawn, mid April onward is a good time for this.

I hope you have found these April gardening tips helpful.

Thank you for sharing

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