The Key To Living A Simpler Life

A lot of people already appreciate the value and importance of living a simple life. For one thing, if you simplify things in your life, you are generally going to find it a lot easier to be happy and well. There is something about the minimalist lifestyle that is just calmer, and more easygoing. But if you are struggling to actually put this philosophy into practice, there are a lot of things you might want to consider in order to make it much easier to achieve. In this article, we are going to take a look at a number of these, so you can live a simpler life in no time.

The Key To Living A Simpler Life


Here is one simple but useful way that you can immediately simplify everything in your life. When you are doing any activity of any kind, imagine that it is in a kind of ‘full screen’ mode. In other words, try to only pay attention to what you are really doing right now while you are doing it. If you are constantly trying to do more than one thing at a time, that is a sure way to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, but if you only ever single-task you will find that helps in a big way. In truth, we can only ever technically do one thing at a time, so make sure to honour that fact.

Declutter The Home

Most of us have simply too much stuff in our homes. If you feel this way, and you would like to do something about it, then it’s simple: you just need to do away with anything you don’t actually need. Coming to terms with what you need and what you don’t is huge, and very difficult for many people, but if you can do that you are going to find it helps a great deal. You can use a house clearance team to help you, or just go around your home throwing out anything you have not used in the past twelve months, say. However you do it, it is going to be a fantastic change to your life.

Know Your Purpose

Although it might sound like a cliche, knowing your purpose is actually perfectly possible, and extremely important. You can spend your whole life trying desperately to achieve this and that, but if you are not focusing and honing in on your purpose you are going to find that you end up not really achieving anything. More importantly, knowing what your purpose is will enable you to focus your life like a laser, and thereby remove much of the unwanted stuff – an important aspect to living a much simpler life.

Don’t Buy Anything You Don’t Need

Most of us end up buying a lot of rubbish in our lives. We do this because we think those things will make us happy, or because we want to distract ourselves, or many other similar reasons. But the fact is that you don’t actually need all that much stuff. And the less you have, the freer you will feel. Make a point from today of trying not to spend money on anything you don’t need. This might be a challenge at first, but over time you should find that it gets easier, and you will start to notice what a joy it can bring to your life too, which will make it even easier still. Make sure you are going to think about this one, as it is one of the most important for many of us to try and take on board in our lives for a better way of living.

One Goal At A Time

It is perfectly fine to have goals, but you should aim to only have one major goal at a time. This relates somewhat to that idea earlier on about only single-tasking, and it really is likely to bring about a profound transformation in your life if you follow it well. Having one goal at a time means you can put your everything into that thing, which increases the chances of success. It also allows you to keep your mind relatively calm and clear, which is what we are really aiming for here.

Limit Media Consumption

Most of us simply consume far too much media these days, and it can seem almost impossible not to do so. If you want to live simply, however, you are going to have to think about trying to keep your media consumption to an absolute minimum. That means not scrolling through social media all day long, not watching too much TV, and being sure to spend more time creating things or having experiences with other people. You should even be careful about reading too much, as even that can complexify your mind and be a means of escape.

Take Up Meditation

If you don’t already, you should start meditating on a regular basis. There is something wonderful about meditation where it helps to calm and clear the mind, and in so doing you will find that you are able to approach life in such a healthier and calmer manner. Meditation can seem challenging, and it certainly takes practice, but at its heart, it’s perfectly simple: you just need to make sure that you are focusing on the breath again and again, and gently bringing the mind back to that one point. Doing that each day for twenty minutes should be sufficient to bring about great changes.

Be Kind

One thing that’s worth remembering in all of this is that kindness is key. If you find you are thinking about yourself a lot, then that could mean that you need to start focusing on others more instead. The more you can show kindness to other people, the more likely you are to have relationships that lack a lot of drama. That in itself is going to make your life so much simpler, and it will mean that your internal life specifically is considerably simpler and easier to live with.

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