Making Your Uni Digs Feel Like Home

Making Your Uni Digs Feel Like Home

So, you have finally found the ideal student accommodation for the duration of your time at your university. This is great news! Now you have to make your uni digs feel like home!

There are so many great accommodation spots in the UK for students. Of course, you can choose to live on campus. Or, you may be one of the lucky ones whereby your parents have bought you somewhere to stay.

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A lot of parents do this, especially if their children go to university in London or another big city. They buy apartments or flats, and they let their child and some friends stay in them during university, often for a fee. They look for great features like excellent kitchen design and spacious bathrooms to ensure excellent rental value afterward. They then rent the place out afterward so they have an investment for years to come.

Once you have a property for university, your hard work is not complete, as you will need to ensure you have everything you need to start your new life. That is why we have put this post together, providing you with a checklist of the things you will need to purchase for your student life.

Making Your Uni Digs Feel Like Home

Don’t make the mistake of trying to pack everything with you

Remember, you’re only going to be living in the accommodation for a short duration of time – one year or maybe a few. Also, depending on your set-up, it is likely that you will only have one room, i.e. your bedroom, where you can store things, as all other rooms will be communal. Aside from this, you should set down and budget effectively. There is no need to splash out on expensive things.

You will need to buy all of the soft furnishes and accessories for your bedroom and en-suite/communal bathrooms, including bath towels, hand towels, a mattress protector, a warm blanket, pillowcases, pillows, a duvet, duvet covers and a bottom sheet. Aside from this, you will need to get your hands on an alarm clock to make sure you’re not late for your lectures and seminars. Sometimes you will have a desk lamp and small rubbish bin provided, but if not, you will need to get one of these.

You may wish to purchase a few things to make the room more enjoyable to be in

Family photographs are a good way to put your stamp on the place and make you feel more at home. You may want to purchase some posters or cheap wall art for your room as well. However, you need to be mindful not to damage the walls when putting this up, otherwise, you could lose a bit of your deposit.

Finally, you will also need to get all of your toiletries and bathroom items, from a toothbrush to shaving cream, and you will need to stock up on first aid items too, such as painkillers and throat lozenges. Get your hands on all of the stationery you will need for university and make sure you have copies of important documents too. There is no need to buy everything from the offset, buy the basic things you’ll need from the offset, such as plates and bedroom furnishings, and then you can add to your accommodation as you go along.

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