How to Reduce the Stress of Moving Home

Moving home can be one of the most disruptive life events, and it is undoubtedly one of the most stressful. The hassle of moving is one factor that puts many people off buying a new home and relocating. While there will always be some aspects of moving home that are out of your control, there are also many ways that you can take a proactive approach to help reduce stress. Doing what you can to manage the process of moving should help to make it significantly less stressful. Here are a few tips to reduce the stress of moving home.

How to Reduce the Stress of Moving Home

Have a Clear Out

One of the single most important tasks to complete before moving house is to have a clear out. Sorting through your stuff and selling or giving away items that you no longer need or use can help to take much of the stress out of your move. Decluttering before you pack will ensure that you are only moving items that you want and need, which will reduce the amount of work involved in your relocation.

Selling items that you no longer use is also an excellent way to reduce clutter and make some extra cash; moving house can be expensive, after all.

Start Packing Early

Getting a head start on your packing is a big stress reliever when relocating. Start by ensuring that you have the materials that you need to pack everything safely and to prevent your belongings from becoming damaged in transit. Packing up decorative items and objects that you rarely use is a great way to get started early without packing away items that you will need to use. Don’t forget to label each box before you seal it so that you know which room it belongs in at your new home.

Use Storage

Using a storage facility is also an excellent way to stay a step ahead of your moving arrangements. Moving items to a storage unit will help reduce the amount of work you need to do on the day and ease some of the stress caused by logistical issues.

You may want to consider moving items into storage that you usually keep in your loft, basement, or garage. Clearing these out and moving their contents into storage will reduce the number of areas that need emptying on moving day.

Arrange Childcare

Moving to a new home is an exciting time for the whole family. However, excitable kids and the stress of a house move are not always a helpful combination. Ensuring that your kids are safe and keeping an eye on them can be almost impossible when you are busy loading and unloading the removal lorry and carrying boxes back and forth. If possible, it is a good idea to arrange for someone to look after the kids on the day of your move. Getting the kids involved in packing and unpacking should help them feel that they are part of the moving process, and make the transition easier. This will reduce the worry of trying to watch them on moving day.

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