Everything You Need To Know About Wicker

Wicker is widely used for a whole variety of purposes in the home. Ideal for storage, wicker baskets can be utilized for everything from accumulating laundry waiting to be washed in an attractive, discreet manner to carrying and storing logs for the fire.

There’s something cozy and warming about the look, and whether you dot wicker storage baskets around your living room or bedrooms, or fancy introducing a country cottage look to your kitchen with a wicker chair, wicker is sure to help transform your interiors into welcoming and warm spaces. For further information about the style and uses, read on.

What Is Wicker?

Before you choose to display wicker baskets in your home, it’s worth finding out a little more about the origins of this popular material, so you can make an informed choice before you purchase. Wicker derives from the old Scandinavian word for ‘to bend’, and as this suggests, the term applies to the woven product, rather than a type of material itself. It is often confused with rattan. However, rattan is the material, and wicker is the pattern. Cane or rattan chairs and furniture tend to be in beautiful wicker designs, adding heaps of beauty and style to any home.

In fact, wicker can be made from a variety of organic or plastic fibres. It’s, therefore, worth paying close attention to the provenance of materials used in any display wicker baskets you intend to buy if this is something that concerns you. Natural products used include grasses such as bamboo, reeds, cane (also known as rattan) and, many people’s personal favourite, willow. One of the main advantages of wicker is that, whether made from plant materials or plastics, the end product is extremely light. This is a particularly important feature when it’s used to make furniture that needs to be easily movable, for the garden or patio, for instance. But it’s also a positive benefit for storing and carrying heavier items around the home or garden, such as shopping, logs, or laundry, as it will not add much to the overall weight. 

Another benefit wicker has over other storage solutions is that it is more attractive to look at than a plastic bag, box, or hamper. Indeed, many retailers now offer wicker products in a variety of tasteful finishes, such as whitewash or dove grey, to suit most home environments. 

Wicker Baskets Are An Essential Addition To Home Or Garden

Wicker is so versatile that we can only look at a fraction of its many household uses here. For instance, a lined and lidded wicker basket makes a delightful laundry hamper without detracting from the overall look of the room. Why not use a small handled basket to place your fresh fruit in for an attractive display of texture and colour in the kitchen? Of course, perhaps most traditionally in this country, picnics have long been transported to favourite al fresco dining spots in wicker hampers.

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A further popular use is for our furry domestic friends. A willow pet basket makes a snug and appealing bed; while a wicker pet carrier is ideal for safely transporting the family cat or a dog to the vet’s or on holiday. It is tough enough to resist clawing, and the best pet beds and baskets come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the weight and build of most small animals. Check that there’s a removable cushion for washing, and that the basket is made from natural materials that haven’t been subjected to harsh chemical treatments during manufacture.

For these and other great ideas, sourcing wicker baskets for sale over the Internet is best. You’ll find far more choice available than you will on the high street, and if you select a reputable and specialist seller, you’re more likely to benefit from great quality at even better prices. 

Reasons To Buy Online

In fact, there are many advantages associated with buying wicker storage baskets and other products over the Internet. Firstly, there is the convenience associated with doing so. You won’t be pressured into buying anything from salespeople either. You will also have a much bigger selection of products to choose from. This means that you will not have to compromise on your wants. You can find the perfect basket to fit in with the style of your home. 

You will also benefit from better deals on baskets, including special offers for personal buyers and discounts on wholesale wicker baskets. There are a couple of reasons why this is so. Firstly, e-stores have fewer overheads, and these savings are passed onto you – the consumer. Secondly, competition is fierce online, and companies acknowledge that they need to do everything they can to stand out from the rest. One way of doing this is by lowering its prices.

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