Add Style To Your Living Room In 3 Simple Steps

These coronavirus days have made it a dead cert that you are spending more time at home than usual. As you are stuck within your four walls a little more, you want to make sure that your interior is exciting to look at and pleasant to spend time in. As your living room is very much the hub of your home, it makes sense to flex your creative muscles in here first. Take a look at these three simple ways you can add more style to your living room.

Add Style To Your Living Room In 3 Simple Steps

Focal point

Add interest to your room by giving your living space a focal point. Consider installing a fireplace and updating your chimney breast. If you are blessed with a period property, head to a reclamation yard and pick up a cast iron Victorian example complete with tiled hearth. These look incredible when cleaned up and can add a touch of period glamour to your pad. Alternatively, if you live in an older, cottage style pad, a wood-burning stove can look more quaint. These stoves churn out heat and look gorgeous in a beamed living space. 

The chimney breast can be exposed back to the bare brick to give a rustic style to your interior. Alternatively, you could install some stone cladding to add visual interest and texture to your space. Or perhaps, you might want to opt for some retro geometric bold printed wallpaper to draw the eye to some vintage hues as you walk into your room. Always go for the wallpaper that you love rather than relying on what is on the cover of interiors magazines. You need to love the interior that surrounds you.


If you are after a luxurious and sumptuous feel for your living space, nothing other than carpet will do. Don’t opt for the cheap stuff and go for a thicker shagpile type carpet. This will feel extravagant and luxurious underfoot. If you fancy more of a period style, think about stripping your flooring back to the original boards. With any luck, you can enjoy sandblasting and varnishing your oak floorboards. Make them safe by removing any nails and enjoy laying a large sumptuous rug on top to break up the space. This can look classy and give your feet something to feel snug on.


Consider the style that you are going for in your living room. If you are eager to go along the vintage route, you might want to pop down to your local auction house to pick up some achingly cool Danish mid-century pieces. Fabric G-Plan sofas are still all the rage and hark back to a utilitarian era where furniture was made in a more artisan way. This can result in you having pieces of social history in your living room. No neighbours will have the chairs and tables and bookcases that you do. If you want to be unique, go for this one of a kind style of interior design.

Your living room needs to be comfortable and suit your way of living in the twenty-first century.

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