How To Create a Romantic Garden

I love to be outside in the garden with my husband. The warm summer evenings are the perfect setting for date night. Did you know that beautiful gardens have inspired romantics for hundreds of years? You can make your outside space, multi-use. So great for family time, and also an area for your and your loved one to relax and enjoy spending time together. But how do you create a romantic garden?

How To Create a Romantic Garden

Here are a few tips on creating a romantic atmosphere, to enlighten the senses in your garden.

Archways Leading To Private Spaces

There is a sense of glamour and mystery to little secret hideaways in your garden. It’s easy to break up your garden into private spaces. To do this you need to build an arch leading to that secret area. Walking through an arch into a new area of the garden is like entering your own little getaway. It’s private from the neighbours and away from the children. It’s easy to build an archway with some curved trellis, which you can train roses, clematis, jasmine, or honeysuckle to grow up and over. Alternatively, you can buy ready-made wooden or metal arches to just put in place.

Sitting Areas

In your private area, you will need a sitting area. You can add a bench, love seat, or a table and chairs. I quite like the look of those swinging chairs you can buy. Another idea is an outside sofa, with soft cushions. I’ve seen some fantastic outside beanbags which would be good also.


As the evenings get darker, your romantic garden area can come alive with lights. Lighting sets the mood. String fairy lights are fantastic for draping around trees, bushes, and around the fence. There are some fantastic solar ones you can buy to accompany garden ornaments and features. You could also use candles, great for a romantic meal, but it would be best to place the candles inside glass holders to stop them from blowing out.

Lighting sets the mood in a romantic garden

Fragrant Flowers In Your Romantic Garden

Open up your senses with beautiful fragrant flowers. Good choices are lilacs, honeysuckle, lavender, sweet peas, gardenia, Iris, mint, and jasmine. Smells are perfect memory makers. A specific scent can take you back to a happy memory. Think about planting night phlox, the flowers will release their aroma in the evening, ideal if that’s when you want to wind down in your garden spa.

lavender - scented flowers

Outdoor Cinema

There is nothing like watching your favourite film in the garden in your home made cinema. Project your favourite movie onto a freshly painted white wall. Cuddle up with your partner, on rugs and throws and don’t forget the snacks!

Outdoor Garden Spa

If you have space, set up a water feature and create your own mini spa with lounge chairs or garden day beds. Hang wind chimes from the trees, and create your zen space. For the ultimate garden spa treat, install a jacuzzi or hot tub for a relaxing and soothing time.

How would you create your romantic garden?

Rachel -home in the pastures

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