At Home In The Pastures

As I’ve got older, I’m appreciating the home more. I love to look at home interiors and could spend days in the garden centre. So I want to write all about these things while I’m of course at home in the pastures. That’s basically what this blog is about, Home, garden, interiors, probably a bit of organising and cleaning (if I’ve got time!) and more baking. The family stuff is over at my other blog Rachel Bustin (as if you didn’t know!) and if you want to start a blog of your own you can go to Socially Rach for tips.

At Home In The Pastures

Well that’s the introductory bit out the way. Now here is a snippet of my first trip to IKEA.

A couple of weeks back I visited IKEA for the first time (it’s still an hour and a half away from home. But closer than the three hours previously) and I felt properly at home there. There was so much I wanted to get for the house, my husband had to stop me! But we did come away with 4 new dining room chairs, a desk for me (finally I have a workspace to call my own) various bits and bobs for the house and we ordered our bespoke fitted wardrobe.

Which Mr B and I have started to put together in our bedroom. What I’ve noticed about IKEA is that you can make your home look nice at affordable prices. A few years back when we were in our old home we looked into getting a fitted wardrobe. After quotes and research, it would have been like £5000. Our IKEA fitted wardrobe (we took our own measurements to an IKEA designer to get it designed correctly) came in around £400. I know we have to put it all together, so that’s time and patience required. But it’s affordable for us, and I’ve got the shelves and poles exactly how we want it.

We’ve lived here for two years now, and I’ve still got a moving box of stuff in my bedroom. It will be gone once our IKEA wardrobe is completed for sure!

Well, there is the first post for Home in the Pastures. Don’t forget to come back next week for some more home ramblings.

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